All In One Light

The Most
All In One
Solar Street Light

Many Biggest Installers
Use Our ALL IN ONE solar street light
In Their Best Installations

Patent Pending Design

The shape and design has been carefully studied to optimize all the construction. This is why we have applied for patent for our design.

No Cable Needed

Helios Solar powered outdoor lighting is very user-friendly and easy to install and does not require cables.

Lithium Battery

We apply the newest technology and use lithium battery to prolong product life.

Infrared Solar Motion

Helios All in one solar street light has a built-in passive infrared motion sensor that automatically regulates the LED light output from full brightness to a lower level depending upon the detection of movement around the light.

Light Weight Design

Compact volume and light weight design saves freight cost and installation cost.

Rust Proof

Our products are designed to avoid the rust presence. The rust is very dangerous for the LED street light system. So we prevent that making our street light LED with a special technology that avoid the rust. Let you try that!

Rustproof, Waterproof and Dustproof

What is missing? Our all in one solar street light products are rustproof, waterproof and dustproof. In this way, they can operate in safety and you will reduce maintenance time.

All these features combine to create a unique product. Ready to use, highly efficient, eye catching and of course, INSANELY easy to install.